Carrollton Evading Arrest Lawyer

A charge of evading arrest will seldom stand-alone as it will be part of another charge against you. You will be facing an accusation of evading arrest if you attempt to flee from a law enforcement official that you are aware was trying to place you under arrest, additionally, you will face this charge if you attempt to get away from officers escorting you after having been arrested. Evading arrest is a serious charge, and even though it is in addition to other charges against you it can still make the consequences you face even more life changing.

There are defenses you can make to counter an allegation of evading arrest. In the Carrollton area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm to speak to experienced criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby.  With two decades of experience, and as a former trial attorney with the Carrollton condition attorney’s office, he knows exactly how the criminal court system works in this area better than any other practicing defense attorney.

Potential defenses against a charge of evading arrest can include; if the attempted arrest was unlawful in someway, legality of the arrest or attempted arrest will be carefully looked into and your case can be dismissed if discrepancies are found, if you are driving and were unaware you of being followed by the police and you fail to pull over immediately then this uncertainty can be used to defend against any everyday arrest charges. In the event of a police vehicle stop it can be a defense to explain that it was unsafe to pull over when signaled to do so.

You could be facing a felony or misdemeanor charges if you are accused of evading arrest, this will depend on the situation at the time of the attempt. If you tried to get away on foot in most instances it will be a class B misdemeanor, and if you try to escape using a motor vehicle it will most likely be a felony.

Regardless of the charges against you, results of a successful conviction can have very serious repercussions. Your liberty and lifestyle will be affected in many different ways and for a considerable period of time. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby knows the best ways to build a defense against a charge of evading arrest, as well as the additional charges you may be facing. At The Goolsby Law Firm we feel the state must be made to prove any allegations against you to the fullest extent possible and you must be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. We will work to preserve your rights and defend your freedom and as well as protecting you against wrongful prosecution.

If you or someone you love has been charged with evading arrest in the North Texas or Carrollton area, and indeed any other criminal offense, contact The Goolsby Law Firm today to arrange a confidential and totally free initial consultation. Unlike many other law firms attorney Mike Goolsby accepts full responsibility for any client taken on by his firm, you will not be passed on to another attorney or an assistant, and will be kept informed at all times of the exact stage your case is at. Call today, complete confidentiality is assured at all times.