Carrollton Drug Lawyer

Drug/marijuana offenses are seldom trivial, and will most likely see you in a very serious situation if you are accused of committing one. Consequences and penalties you will encounter will depend on the amount and type of drug which you are found in possession of, as well is your intended use for the drug. Four ounces or less of marijuana are in most cases a misdemeanor charge, progressively larger amounts will quickly lead to felony charges and extremely significant jail time coupled with large fines.

If it is your first offense and you are found in possession of less than a pound marijuana the system allows for considerable leniency. In these cases judges are able to waive jail time and use the alternative of probation coupled with mandatory rehabilitation, they also have the ability to waive all fines.

In the Carrollton area if you or a close friend or relative are facing a drugs/marijuana charge you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm as quickly as possible. With two decades of experience, and as a former trial attorney for the district attorney’s office criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby understands how the court system works in this area from both sides. He will put this considerable knowledge and experience to work to build a defense for you regardless of the type of drugs charge you are facing.

You are looking at a serious effect on your lifestyle even if you are facing drugs charges that would be considered to be minor. As well as the possible jail time and lengthy probation you could be facing mandatory rehabilitation large fines and other penalties. You will be left with a criminal record and a permanent stain on your character, this could cause you problems for a considerable time. Criminal records can prevent you from getting employment, renting property, getting finance, owning a gun, holding certain professional licenses, and many others.

Marijuana has been enjoying some level of acceptance and tolerance in some states. However, in Texas you will find that judges still prosecute cases involving this drug to the fullest extent of the law. One consequence that is not well-known is that tax must be paid on illegal drugs, so in addition to the legal penalties you will incur you may also have a tax bill or a charge of tax evasion to deal. Certain drugs, for example cocaine, meth, etc. will see you facing automatic felony charges even a very small amount is discovered.

You should be aware that an accusation is never the end of the matter. At The Goolsby Law Firm criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby will, by investigating all evidence against you, strive tirelessly to build the best defense possible for you to get you the outcome you desire. By investigating and challenging aspects of the case including potential illegal search or police misconduct, it may be possible to get charges against you reduced in seriousness or even dismissed completely. You are entitled to have your attorney present if you are questioned by the police, do not rely on an overworked public defender to help you, they will be unable to concentrate on your case and you put your liberty and lifestyle at risk if you do so. With an experienced and seasoned trial attorney like Mike Goolsby by your side you give yourself the best chance of getting a favorable outcome.

If you or someone you love are facing drugs/marijuana related accusations in the North Texas or Carrollton area The Goolsby Law Firm and criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby can help you. No matter how complex or serious your situation is contact us to arrange a free and confidential initial consultation today.