Carrollton Burglary of Building Lawyer

If you have been charged with the offense of burglary of building and habitation in Texas you can be facing some severe penalties if convicted. This is a specific type of theft that means that you entered a building without the owners consent with intent to steal. If you are in a building and commit a theft but you have permission to be on the premises then you cannot be convicted of burglary of building habitation.

If you have been accused of this particular crime in the Carrollton area then you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm for help. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby understands the intricacies of the law surrounding different types of theft, plus with two decades of experience and as a former trial attorney with the district attorney’s office he has the knowledge and expertise to build a strong defense for you. He can review all evidence and proof gathered against you, to protect your lifestyle and liberty if you find yourself in this situation.

One of the key items that has to be established if you are to be charged with burglary of building and habitation is the issue of intent. To successfully convict on this charge the state will have to prove that you entered the building with the intent to steal and without any form of permission from the building owner to be there.

This particular charge is extremely serious, and any time you are questioned by the police you are entitled to have your lawyer present. Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby is the best person to have by your side in this situation. The presence of an experienced attorney during questioning can often result in lesser charges being filed, or in certain circumstances stop them being filed in the first place.

The particular consequences you may face if convicted of burglary of building habitation include possible time in jail, probation, requirement pay restitution to your victim, as well as fines and legal fees. This type of conviction could have a long-term effect on your lifestyle, even after you fulfill the conditions of any sentence. Life with a criminal record can be extremely difficult, you will be stopped from gaining certain employment, renting property, getting finance, holding certain professional licenses, owning a gun, and your record will be available for any potential employers or business partner to review.

Remember, an accusation is not the end of the road. If you have been accused of burglary of building and habitation in the North Texas or Carrollton area then get in touch with criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby and The Goolsby Law Firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation. We believe that the state must be made to prove any allegation against you to the fullest extent possible, and that you are entitled to be regarded as innocent until proven otherwise. We will work tirelessly to build a defense for you, and protect your liberty and lifestyle, total discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.