Arlington Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The unique aspect of sex crimes accusations are the potential damaging effects they can have on you even in you are subsequently found to be innocent. If you are accused of a sex crime in Texas then your situation is extremely serious. Even an accusation can damage your reputation and standing in society often permanently. It is essential that you defend yourself vigorously.

In North Texas or Arlington area experienced sex crime defense lawyer Mike Goolsby can help you if you face this type of accusation. With two decades of experience practicing law he has the expertise and knowledge to defend you against any type of sex crime allegation.

Remember an accusation is not the end of the matter, there are always defenses you can make. Unfortunately, the unique aspect of a sex crime or a sex offense allegation means that you are often “found guilty” by public opinion and the media long before any trial happens. If not properly and sensitively handled, even an allegation can see your reputation being tarnished for the rest of your life.

The penal code will detail possible punishments in these types of crimes, however they are only one of the possible consequences. Even if you accepted a no contest or guilty plea to a sex crime you will be facing some very serious problems for a considerable time to come. One of these is mandatory inclusion on the sex offenders register, this is often permanent and should not be treated lightly as it can leave you facing a lifetime of problems.

There are many different types of sex crime you could find yourself being accused of. These include rape (aggravated sexual assault), solicitation, prostitution, possession or distribution of child pornography, sexual assault, public lewdness, indecent exposure, and others. Your situation is particularly serious as a conviction will require you to be placed on the sex offenders register, this will be a requirement that will affect your life in many ways, and registration is often permanent.

One other aspect of sex crime accusations, is damage to your reputation caused by media attention, this needs to be sensitively handled. In dealing with public relations and press inquiries you can be sure that this will be dealt with professionally and with discretion at all times if you contact The Goolsby Law Firm.

A conviction in a sex offense matter could see you serving a long prison sentence, paying fines, paying restitution to your victim, and other problems. Living with a criminal record is difficult enough, however when coupled with being on the sex offenders register life can become extremely troublesome. More and more jobs will require background checks to be done upon you before you are hired. These background checks will reveal your sex offender status, and will often mean you do not get the job. Criminal records will also prevent you from renting property, holding certain professional licenses, getting credit, owning a gun, and many other problems.

If you have been accused of a sex offense in North Texas or Arlington area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm as quickly as you can. Call today to arrange a completely free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Complete confidentiality and sensitive handling of your situation is assured.