Arlington ODL Lawyer

If you have had your license suspended for any reason and you continue to drive that you risk being caught and accused of driving on suspended license. The consequences of this can be expensive and see you facing additional penalties. If you have to drive one option open to you is to petition the court for an occupational drivers license (ODL).

The occupational driver’s license is there to help people convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or other offense that has resulted in suspension of their driving privileges, continue to drive for certain prescribed reasons. These reasons can include travel to and from work, or school, or certain other family duties, which could be taking the kids to school, getting to medical appointments, etc.

If you need to drive to get to work, school, attend medical appointments, or other essential reasons, and you have your license suspended, in North Texas or Arlington area you should talk to The Goolsby Law Firm for help with getting an occupational drivers license (ODL). Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience practicing law in this area, and the expertise and knowledge required to petition the court for this type of license for you.

This type of permit allows you to drive for a certain period each day (usually four hours). Also you will be restricted to driving for certain prescribed reasons, such as getting to and from work, attending medical appointments, getting to school, and others. You may also be restricted to certain routes, or counties. Whilst four hours is the usual limit if certain extenuating reasons can be shown this can be increased to 12 hours per day. The ultimate limit is 60 hours per week, as this is the maximum time allowed by this legislation.

To be successful your attorney must show a valid reason why you need to drive after your license has been suspended. Attorney Mike Goolsby and The Goolsby Law Firm have two decades of experience in representing people in North Texas and Arlington area that have been subject to a driving while intoxicated conviction. He has the knowledge and experience to successfully put together your petition for the privileges of an occupational driver’s license, and this expertise will magnify the potential of you gaining these rights in your court hearing.

It should also be noted that the occupational driver’s license will never be granted in the case of a professional driver, for example truck driver, bus driver, delivery driver, etc. If you have lost your license for any reason for a period in North Texas and Arlington area, and it is essential that you drive, then call The Goolsby Law Firm for help filing a petition for an occupational driver’s license. Call today for a completely free initial consultation to discuss your situation and the chances of success. Complete discretion and confidentiality is assured.