Arlington Drug Lawyer

If you are accused of a drugs/marijuana charge in Texas then at the very least you will be facing a misdemeanor charge under Texas law. However, very quickly you may be facing a felony charge if the amounts involved are larger, certain drugs are found, or you face additional charges such as intent to sell. Consequences of drugs charges grow considerably more serious, and if you are in this situation should get qualified legal representation as soon as possible.

If you are facing drugs/marijuana charges in Texas you should get yourself an experienced criminal defense attorney at your earliest opportunity. In North Texas and Arlington area call The Goolsby Law Firm for help. Attorney Mike Goolsby is a prior trial attorney with the  district attorney’s office and has extensive experience of exactly how the criminal court system works in this area. With over two decades of experience he will put all this knowledge to work in your defense when you are accused of a criminal offense.

The system allows room for leniency if it is your first offense and you have less than a pound of marijuana, in this type of case the judge should be able to waive jail time, and use the alternative of probation and mandatory rehabilitation, as well as being able to waive all fines.

You are looking at a serious effect on your lifestyle even if you are facing drugs charges that would be considered to be minor. As well as the possible jail time and lengthy probation you could be facing mandatory rehabilitation large fines and other penalties. You will be left with a criminal record and a permanent stain on your character, this could cause you problems for a considerable time. Criminal records can prevent you from getting employment, renting property, getting finance, owning a gun, holding certain professional licenses, and many others.

If you are questioned by the police regarding any drugs/marijuana charge you are entitled to have your attorney present. Do not put your future in the hands of an overworked public defender that will not have the time to focus on your case. With an attorney that has extensive trial experience during the process, often with careful examination of the evidence against you, the charges can be sometimes reduced or even dismissed entirely.

Whilst marijuana has experience some level of tolerance in many states, in Texas marijuana possession is treated very seriously and is dealt with to the full extent of the law. You will find yourself facing some pretty firm penalties even if it is your first offense. Your age, previous convictions, standing in the community, will all be taken into consideration when determining your sentence.

From the instant you are accused of a drug-related offense, you should make the hiring of an experienced criminal defense lawyer your highest priority. Attorney Mike Goolsby can defend you if you are accused of a drugs/marijuana related crime. Call for a free consultation, you can ask any questions you may have over the phone or in our office, discretion is assured.