Allen Probation Violation Lawyer

When you are on probation (community supervision) then you’ve effectively entered into a “contract” with the court to execute certain actions in order to avoid time in jail. If you don’t perform these actions as dictated by the court and your probation officer you will then be in a position where you can be charged with probation violations.

Probation violations are treated extremely seriously by the court, and could see you facing a motion to revoke your probation which will then lead to a warrant for your arrest, detained without the chance of bail, and eventually mean you end up in jail. By going on probation in the first place you have waived certain rights, including the right to trial by jury, so the decision to send you to jail will rest in the judge’s hands alone.

If you face the possibility of being accused of probation violation in the Dallas and Allen area you should get in contact with The Goolsby Law Firm for help. With two decades of experience practicing law in this area criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has the necessary expertise and ability to defend you against an accusation of this type, and help you to stay on probation and stop you from ending up in jail.

Often in matters of probation violations when extenuating circumstances can be shown, or evidence presented to support your defense by an experienced criminal defense lawyer, there are many ways that you can fight to help to stop you from going to jail and help you remain on probation. A good criminal defense lawyer by your side in the court room can mean the difference between staying free or going to jail in many circumstances.

One of the reasons matters of this sort are treated so seriously is because the deal you made with the judge is one of trust, and breaking this trust is looked on as an insult to the court and the judge himself. Failing to live up to the conditions set out in your probation agreement can see you in jail very quickly. Probation is offered as a privilege not a right, and can be taken away at the judge’s discretion. It is very important that your case for staying on probation is handled, and presented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Attorney Mike Goolsby has a strong belief that your rights must be safeguarded to the fullest extent of the law, there will always be methods to defend against an allegation of probation violation, and he will do his utmost and argue to help keep you away from jail. By presenting evidence to support your claim and exploring every possible method he will strive to do this every time. Call for a free consultation in the strictest confidence if you think that you may well be arrested because you are violating your probation agreement with the court. You can discuss your case, and we can suggest options open to you to help keep you free and out of jail.