Allen Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Criminal mischief could be a misdemeanor or felony crime depending on the scenario and the circumstances involved. Basically, criminal mischief is the act of tampering with or damaging another person property which will lead to loss or inconvenience to them. Items covered can include graffiti, intentional marking or deliberately inscribing property, and the seriousness with which is crime will be dealt with will depend on factors such as the property value, whether you have prior convictions, and other matters.

You may feel that a potential conviction of a criminal mischief matter is not important and will not affect you. This is not true, no matter how trivial you think your situation to be any sort of mark on your record will have serious effects on your life. If you are facing criminal mischief allegations in the Dallas or Allen area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm for help. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby will provide legal advice, as well is building an aggressive defense to get you the outcome you desire if you face this type of situation. As a prior trial lawyer with the District attorney’s office he has experience of exactly how the criminal court system works from both sides and will put this knowledge to work for you.

Often an allegation of criminal mischief will arise out of a fairly minor crime being committed, and will often be dealt with as a misdemeanor. However, in certain situations felony charges can be applied, and you will face consequences such as time in jail, community supervision (probation), community service, fines, and other penalties. Any type of criminal record can have long-lasting effects on your lifestyle. You may be prevented from gaining certain types employment, owning a gun, holding certain professional licenses, renting property, getting finance, and it will place a permanent stain on your character and damage your standing in society, as well is being available for any potential employer, business partner, or interested individual to view.

Any time you are questioned by the police regarding any type of criminal matter you are of course entitled to have your attorney present. Do not rely on a public defender to defend your lifestyle and liberty as they are often overworked and have a very high caseload. With a seasoned an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Mike Goolsby by your side often the charges against you can be reduced or maybe even not filed in the first place.

In any criminal matter the state must be made to prove the allegations against you to the fullest extent possible. Attorney Mike Goolsby firmly believes that this must be the case, he will fully investigate the charges against you and the evidence collected to build the strongest defense possible against any allegations. He will strive tirelessly to defend your rights and to preserve your lifestyle and freedom.

There are many options open to defend yourself against a charge of criminal mischief. In the Dallas and Allen area if you face this type of situation you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm to arrange a completely free initial consultation to discuss your case. Call today, complete confidentiality and discretion are assured at all times.