Allen Bail Bond Lawyer

If you have been arrested and find yourself in police custody in Collin County then your main concern is likely to be to get released as soon as possible. It is understandable that many are confused and do not know the best way to achieve this when they find themselves in this situation. It is an extremely stressful time for both those incarcerated and their immediate family. In Collin County, your attorney can post bond to get you released, and this is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get yourself released if you find yourself in this situation.

In the Dallas or Allen area the quickest method to get released from Incarceration is to contact The Goolsby Law Firm. Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby can not only defend you against the accusation but can post an attorney bond to get you released. There are many advantages to having your lawyer as your bondsman, the main one being that they can start to formulate your defense even before you are free from jail, and can continue to defend you to make sure you don’t end up back in there once more.

Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience, and is a former trial attorney with the District attorney’s office. This gives him a distinct advantage as he knows exactly how the criminal trial system works in this area better than any other practicing defense attorney. Not only can he post an attorney bond but he will work tirelessly to build the strongest defense for you to make sure you stay free and get the outcome you desire.

It’s a tough time for any family when one of their members is facing a criminal accusation. The problems can seem almost insurmountable and the financial pressures can be very difficult to deal with. By obtaining your bondsman and defense attorney from the same source this process can be made a great deal simpler and can save you substantial amount of money as well.

Specialist bondsman are available however they are not lawyers, this poses two problems, the first being they cannot defend you in court, and the second being they are not covered by attorney-client privilege and anything they find out can be shared with law enforcement officials. A specialist bondsman’s only aim is to make sure you appear in court, they have no reputation resting on successfully defending your freedom.

In the Dallas or Allen area criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby will not only accept the responsibility of defending your freedom, but will also act as your bondsman. He will work tirelessly to build the strongest defense possible against whatever accusation you face. Call today to schedule a completely free and confidential initial consultation to discuss your case, or arrange to post an attorney bond to get your loved one free from jail.