Dallas Fraud Lawyer

Photo of text book fraud definitionThe law on fraud relates to every kind of personal and business fraud. Typically, it is required that the accused person be proven to have acted with intent or reckless disregard for the consequences of his or her actions.

Fraud may also be a part of another case such as contract law or real estate law case, and can be civil or criminal in nature, depending on the kind of fraud that was allegedly committed.

Although a wide variety of actions is described by a fraud offense, fraud is basically intentional misrepresentation with the aim of harming or profiting from another person. If it is believed by the state that you have participated in a plan to deceive an individual or institution of money, services or products or committed fraudulent misrepresentation, you may be charged with a serious criminal offense.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, the charges can include bank fraud, mail fraud, internet fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, passing and forgery of bad checks and insurance fraud.

If you think you are being investigated or targeted for an investigation for fraud, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

In Dallas, the law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby has the proven capability of helping accused persons go through the complicated fraud investigations.

The goal of The Goolsby Law Firm is to present the facts of the case in a way that will make the prosecution file a less formal charge. Attorney Mike Goolsby served as a trial lawyer for the District Attorney’s Office of Dallas County, and thus has the knowledge on how the state conducts fraud investigations.

His skills, knowledge and experience have consistently made a difference in many fraud cases.

Even if there is already a formal charge of fraud against you, there are still many legal options that could be applied to minimize or avoid the negative effects of the accusation.

We offer a free initial consultation with our clients during which, you will receive sincere response to your questions and uncomplicated legal counsel from our experienced defense lawyers, who know how to defend the rights and liberty of their clients against fraud charges.

Remember that any kind of fraud offense can damage whatever relationship you have that is based on trust. As soon as you are arrested or investigated for the offense, contact us right away at The Goolsby Law Firm.

We know of the uniqueness and complexity of each fraud case and thus, understand what it takes to have the most favorable result for your case. Even if you are not under arrest but was invited by the police to discuss the situation, it is essential that one of our expert lawyers be by your side.

We will guide you through the entire process and advice you on what you should expect from a situation. The Goolsby Law Firm will also identify your options and how we can help achieve the best possible outcome to your case.