Dallas Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

Businessman with filesThe court of Texas can order some law enforcement agencies to wipe out all records associated with your arrest and ensuing prosecution upon making a petition. In many instances, the court can order law enforcement agencies directly to destroy police reports, court files, prosecution reports and jail records.

If you are successful in your petition, you can lawfully deny that you have ever been arrested or charged with the crime that you are getting an expunction.

It should be noted though that your criminal records would not just disappear, except in cases where false identity information was given without consent. In such a case, the court may give the records back to the person making the petition. If returning the record is not convenient, it should be deleted or destroyed.

The prosecution or a law enforcement agency may retain a record if it is necessary to prosecute another case.

Having a conviction for a criminal offense may have lasting negative effects on your personal and professional life. Anybody can be accused falsely or even arrested. There are instances where the cases do not even make it to the court while some are found innocent in a court trial.

It is also possible to have a criminal record without you knowing it, as in cases of mistaken identity where the actual criminal has a similar name as yours. This will put a permanent blemish on your record that could forever hinder your educational and career growth.

If you wish to have a clean slate once again in Dallas, you should discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer from The Goolsby Law Firm, whose skills and knowledge can help you achieve the most favorable results and advise you on the best legal option to take. Many of those who have a criminal record were arrested or charged when they were still young.

However, such records can haunt a person forever, because they are considered as public records and are therefore available for anyone who wishes to view them. This can adversely affect you for a lifetime.

Even job promotions might be denied without you knowing it, because a blemish was found in your record. In such a circumstance, you need to have a clean slate, which could be achieved through expungement. This could give you the new beginning you deserve.

The law that governs the conditions under which expungement could be granted may be complicated. You have to file a petition with the proper court to be able to accomplish your aim and it will take the skills of a qualified expungement lawyer to successful pursue the approval of the court.

Depending on the kind of criminal offense that you committed, you may have to wait for as long as five years before you will be allowed to file a petition. Some felonies are not even allowed to be petitioned. If you have a criminal record or suspect you have one, discuss your case with us at The Goolsby Law Firm as soon as possible.