Dallas Drug Possession & Trafficking

Photo of drugsDrugs/marijuana includes a wide variety of offenses, which range from simple possession to the distribution and manufacture of drugs as well as participation in criminal activities that are drug related. However, even if you have been charged with a minor drug offense, it can be very terrifying and result to grave penalties if convicted.

The more serious the charge, the more severe is the penalty. A criminal defense lawyer can help you with the ordeal by providing legal answers and guiding you through the complicated legal process. We advise you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm if you have been charged with possession of dangerous drugs including prescription medication, marijuana or controlled substances.

Mistakes are often committed by the police in drugs/marijuana arrests. If your constitutional rights were violated when you were arrested or during the police investigation, our experienced lawyers could have the charges dismissed.

The Goolsby Law Firm is dedicated to building a compelling defense for you, so that we can reduce or totally avoid the consequences of drug charges, allowing you to keep your record clean from any convictions. Bear in mind that drug related charges may be even more risky to your record than a conviction for drunk driving if not handled properly by a good lawyer.

Thus, if you were arrested for drugs/marijuana charges in Dallas, your first step should be a call to The Goolsby Law Firm. Even if it is only a misdemeanor, a drug offense can have serious consequences to your personal life.

It could prevent you from renting apartments, looking for better work opportunities, keeping your driver’s license or applying for government economic aid. These repressive repercussions can be avoided by calling the law office of Attorney Mike Goolsby immediately. We know how to negotiate through the complicated Dallas court system and we are dedicated to protecting your rights in court.

Drug courts stress that treatment is better than imprisonment in drugs/marijuana cases. Complying with its regulations can result to your charges being suspended, reduced or dismissed. However, if there is imprisonment involved, the potential punishments increase according to the quantity and type of drug in question and your previous criminal record.

This is the reason why we recommended that you consult with us at the earliest time possible, so that we can advice you on how best to proceed with your case. Drug cases are complicated and only the knowledge of an attorney from our firm can help you navigate through the legal maze.

Each drugs/marijuana case is different so protecting your rights and pursuing a favorable resolution of your case requires a unique approach. No matter what kind of drug related charges were brought against you, it is important that you understand the charges and the possible punishments you may be facing.

If it is your first time to be arrested for the crime, The Goolsby Law Firm may be able to reduce the charges and look for an alternative treatment program for you. If the case against you lacks substance, we seek for a complete dismissal of the charges. Call us today for a free consultation.