Arrested for Trafficking or Possession?

Dallas Drug Crimes Lawyer Defends Texans Against Drug Crime Allegations

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If you are dealing with drug possession or drug trafficking charges, then you face the possibility life-altering consequences. If convicted, you could experience severe limitations to your freedom. For example, you may become ineligible for government programs like housing or food share. Additionally, you may lose out on education grants and have difficulty finding future employment. The allegations against you can also tarnish your name for years to come. Ultimately, you need to clear your name and move on. Our Dallas drug crimes lawyer can help.

The Goolsby Law Firm is dedicated to building a compelling defense for you. As a result, we can work to help you reduce or totally avoid the consequences of drug charges. In some cases, we can help keep your record clean from any convictions. We can fight for you in pretrial negotiations and scrutinize evidence to build your defense. Our Dallas drug crimes lawyer has been protecting the rights of the accused for over 20 years. Therefore, you can be confident in our experience, compassion and proven litigation strategies.

How Severe Are Drug Trafficking and Possession Charges?

Unfortunately, drug-related charges can cause even more damage to your record than a conviction for drunk driving. Even first-time offenders can face stiff penalties and jail time. Adding to the confusion is the wide variety of possible offenses. These range from simple possession to the distribution and manufacture of drugs. Additionally, you can face charges of participation in criminal activities. However, even if you have been charged with a minor drug offense, the situation can be terrifying.

Generally, the more serious your charges, the more severe the penalty. However, even first-time offenders can face jail time. Sentences may range from 180 days to two years in state jail. In addition, fines could reach $10,000. In extreme felony cases, you face 15 to 99 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Some factors that will affect your charges are the type and quantity of drug involved. Additionally, courts will consider if the alleged crime happened in a school zone or government building. Finally, if the allegations involve a minor, the penalties will be even more severe. Since many of these details are abstract, a Dallas drug crimes lawyer can help reduce charges.

Can I Reduce Drug Possession and Trafficking Charges?

Mistakes are often committed by the police in drugs-related arrests. Your constitutional rights could have been violated. For example, if an officer fails to read your Miranda rights, then you should contact a criminal defense attorney. Since every circumstance is different, your case requires a unique approach for a favorable resolution. For instance, a marijuana charge can be much different than a cocaine charge. As a result, the best way to have a favorable resolution is to contact a drug defense lawyer. However, there are some general defense tools we can use to reduce or defend the allegations against you.

As a rule, drug courts stress that treatment is better than imprisonment. Thus, we use pretrial measures like enrolling in drug rehabilitation programs. Complying with its regulations can result to your charges being suspended, reduced or dismissed. If necessary, we negotiate with prosecutors to have your sentence reduced. Ultimately, our goal is to have the charges dismissed against you. Nonetheless, there may be times when this defense is not possible. In these cases, the courts will consider your past history. We use this as an opportunity to show the courts why your charges should be reduced.

Drug Charges? Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Have your rights been violated before, during or after arrest? Do you believe that drug related charges have been trumped up against you? Questions about your rights and how to avoid jail time? Drug cases can be complicated and life-altering. As a result, you deserve a defense that protects your best interests. A criminal defense lawyer can help by providing legal answers. Furthermore, a reliable attorney will guide you through the complicated legal process.

No matter what kind of drug related charges were brought against you, we can help. At The Goolsby Law Firm, we can work to reduce or dismiss charges. Alternatively, we can advise and enroll you in treatment programs that may help your defense. If your case lacks substance, we can aggressively fight for charges to be dismissed. Our success stems from our experience and compassion. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call our Dallas office at (972) 394-2141. We have additional offices in Plano and Denton, and serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.