Dallas Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Photo of a person being handcuffedCriminal mischief can be defined as the damaging of a property of another person on purpose. The charges that can be made under the offense range from a simple graffiti, which is punishable by a 500-dollar fine, to destruction of buildings, which has a potential punishment of 99 years. Among the criminal mischief offenses that can be brought against you are defacing property, breaking windows, vandalizing public property and damaging vehicles such as cars and trucks.

However, whatever charges are brought against you, it is important that you have an energetic legal defense, so that a more favorable outcome of your case can be achieved. Thus, we urge you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm immediately, if you were charged with criminal mischief in the Dallas area or anywhere else in North Texas, so that your rights can be protected in court.

If there is property damage involved in the case, the severity of the charges will depend on the amount of damage. It would be considered as a misdemeanor if the damages amounted only to less than 1,499 dollars. If the damages amounted to 1,500 dollars or more, a criminal mischief offense would already constitute state jail felony.

Proving the commission of the act beyond reasonable doubt lies with the prosecution as well as determining the amount of damages involved. The Goolsby Law Firm is always prepared to dispute whatever strategy is employed by the prosecution, which will allow you or your loved one to be spared from a criminal conviction.

The criminal defense lawyers of The Goolsby Law Firm have the skill, experience and resources to defend you against even the most severe criminal mischief charges.

Criminal mischief charges are not to be taken lightly. If have been charged with the offense, the outcome of your case will be determined by the litigation skills of your defense lawyer. This is the reason why The Goolsby Firm should be your first choice if you or your loved one were accused of criminal mischief.

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