Dallas Burglary & Theft Lawyer

burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the houseIf you are charged with burglary of building and habitation in the state of Texas, you need the aggressive representation that can be provided by The Goolsby Law Firm. Our expert criminal defense lawyers can effectively protect your rights in court. We also ensure that you completely understand your legal options.

You might have gone inside a building without the permission or consent of the owner. Then you might face burglary of a building charges. You must have had the intention of committing, heft, assault or felony. If you enter a garage detached from the main house for example and you steal something from there, that also counts as burglary of a building.

You commit the same offense if you go inside an office building and steal a computer or other office equipment.

The state of Texas considers burglary of building a state jail felony. If convicted, you will be facing a jail term that can range from 180 days to two years. You would serve this sentence in a state jail. In addition, you may also have to pay fines as high as 10,000 dollars.

On the other hand, you might have gone into a place inhabited by people, such as a house or apartment. This counts as burglary of a habitation, if:

  • You went in without the owner’s permission.
  • You had the intent or actual commission of theft or felony.

The penalty of entering an inhabited building unlawfully can be more serious than for a commercial place that is not occupied.

The state of Texas considers burglary of habitation a second-degree felony. This means that you could have to serve a prison sentence of from two to twenty years. If there is intent to commit another felony or an actual commission of it during the burglary, the offense becomes to a first-degree felony. This punishable by a life sentence or up to 99 years in prison. In addition, you might also have to pay a potential fine that can amount up to 10,000 dollars.

If charged with burglary of building and habitation, you must take immediate action. Even if you are only under investigation, you should not wait for the actual charges to be filed against you. Remember that a court case and its potential punishment can be serious. Thus, you need the legal advice and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney from The Goolsby Law Firm.

The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby knows what is at stake for you if you are charged with a burglary of building and habitation offense. We guarantee that we will focus our attention to your best interest, and this will start with the protection of your legal rights.

As a former trial lawyer for the District Attorney’s Office in Dallas County, Attorney Mike Goolsby understands how both sides build their cases. With a skilled and experienced legal team, The Goolsby Law Firm will build a strong defense for you and fight on your behalf to to try and achieve the best outcome for your case, which could mean acquittal, dismissal or reduced charges for your offense.