Dallas Assault and Family Violence Attorney

Сhild suffering from quarrels between parents in the family at homeIf you have been accused of assault/family violence in the Dallas area, a call to The Goolsby Law Firm should be the first thing you do, in order to put your case on the right track. We have the skill, experience and dedication to fight for you.  Our goal will be to handle your case so that you can put the accusation behind you, in a manner that could clear your name and keep your record clean. Charges of domestic violence are particularly malicious allegations. It is hard to prove it but it is as hard to disprove it, if you do not have the serviced of an experience lawyer from our firm.

Aside from a possible prison sentence, you may also be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees. The damages that a conviction can do to your reputation, a forever tarnished record, the difficulty in getting apartments or getting hired for a new job are all very real consequences.

Assault/family violence causes chaos in your family and professional life and its effects are extensive. Your children may be removed from your care or used as pawns in the case. Among the problems that result from domestic violence are anxiety, misery, fear, emotional and physical torment, economic difficulty because of missed work, psychological treatment and medical expenses.

A family violence attorney from our firm, if contacted on time can minimize the charges that were brought against you. We are very familiar with the laws of Texas on assault/family violence so we can make a proper evaluation of your case and build a strong defense, to prevent you from suffering the consequences of a court conviction.

In a domestic violence case, the prosecution must prove that you committed the crime beyond reasonable doubt. The defenses that are available to you will vary according to the charge but it can include insufficient evidence, factual innocence or self-defense. In some cases, your criminal liability may be negated or reduced by mitigating circumstances. Our experienced lawyers will ensure that the prosecution does not ignore evidence that is favorable to you.

Cases of assault/family violence are among the hardest for the defense. In many jurisdictions, special funds are provided for prosecuting such cases and special courts are set up to try the case. In a number of police departments, an investigation unit is set up especially for cases of family violence and district attorneys employs a victim’s advocate so that the alleged victim can be talked into cooperating with the prosecution.

A majority of prosecutors have all the resources needed for family violence cases so if you have been charged or arrested for the offense, the most important step to take is to call us. This will allow us to investigate your case immediately and protect your rights at the soonest time possible.

Remember that if convicted of assault/family violence, you may be penalized severely and the consequences may forever alter your life. If you have been charged with the offense, call us immediately so that we can provide you with aggressive defense to protect your rights and work towards getting you a favorable resolution to your case.  Call us at The Goolsby Law Firm today for a free consultation and let us be your legal counsel.