Accused of Assault or Family Violence?

Dallas Assault Attorney Defends the Accused

Assault is a serious criminal offense that can have severe consequences. A family violence conviction could result in you losing your job and the ability to see your children. Even the most seemingly absurd and false assault claims can ruin your reputation. Unfortunately, assault charges are not uncommon. Defending yourself against such charges can drain you psychologically and physically. Worse, if you are attached to the person accusing you of assault, then you may be reluctant to seek help. With a respected Dallas assault attorney on your side, you can relieve your stress and fight to ensure your side of the story is heard.

If someone accused you of assault or family violence in the Dallas area, then The Goolsby Law Firm can help. We have the skill, experience and dedication to fight for you. Our goal is to handle your case so that you can put the accusation behind you in a manner that could clear your name and keep your record clean.

What Is Assault?

Assault occurs when someone threatens to use violence or invokes fear of harm in another person through an intentional act. Since the act of placing a person in fear of bodily harm constitutes assault, you could face criminal charges even if you do not harm the other person physically. Texas criminal state law would classify threats of harm as a simple assault, with more severe circumstances classified as aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is a felony that usually involves intent to commit a serious crime or harm with a weapon.

In general, assault charges occur when there is no actual contact, while battery charges are brought when there is contact. For example, if someone claims you threatened to harm him or her, this would be assault. If someone claimed you punched him or her, this would be battery. By hiring an experienced Dallas assault attorney, you may be able to lower the charges you face. Our law firm can help you prepare your defense so you have an opportunity to lower charges and fines.

When Do I Need an Assault Attorney?

As soon as you are accused of assault, you should seek the counsel of an experienced Dallas assault attorney. Aside from a possible prison sentence, you may also pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Additionally, you will likely have to deal with damage to your reputation. Renting an apartment, finding a job, opening new lines of credit and other obstacles are very real consequences. Assault charges can cause chaos in your family and professional life, and the possible effects of such charges are extensive. In extreme circumstances, your children may be removed from your care or used as pawns in the case.

A Dallas assault attorney from our law firm can minimize the charges that you face. In a domestic violence case, the prosecution must prove that you committed the crime beyond reasonable doubt. The defenses will vary according to the charge but it may include insufficient evidence, factual innocence or self-defense. In some cases, your criminal liability may be negated or reduced by mitigating circumstances. We are very familiar with the laws of Texas on assault and family violence so we can make a proper evaluation of your case.

This helps us build a strong defense, to prevent you from suffering the consequences of a court conviction. Our experienced Texas assault attorneys will ensure that the prosecution does not ignore evidence that is favorable to you.

Questions? Contact Our Dallas Assault Lawyers Now

Cases of assault are among the hardest to defend. Most prosecutors have all the resources needed for family violence cases; many jurisdictions provide special funds for prosecuting assault and special courts try the case. A number of police departments have an investigation unit set up especially for cases of family violence and assault. As a result, district attorneys often employ an advocate so the alleged victim can be talked into cooperating with the prosecution. This can create a difficult situation if you are the accused.

If you are facing charges for a criminal offense, then call us immediately. No matter the severity of the assault, we can help. Our law firm can provide you with the aggressive defense necessary to protect your rights and work towards a favorable resolution.  Our firm has offices in Plano, Denton and Dallas. Call The Goolsby Law Firm today at 972-394-2141 or contact us through our website.