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Texas criminal defense attorney offering legal representation to those accused of resisting arrest throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

How Can I Be Charged for Resisting Arrest?

Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest is a criminal act in the state of Texas that can result from not submitting yourself to an arrest calmly and willingly. Punishments for this crime can range from a misdemeanor to felony charge, depending on the severity of your resistance during your arrest. It can be difficult to charge for this crime because there are many circumstances behind the actions that you could take that may result in a resisting arrest charge….
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Can I Be Arrested for Standing in the Road During a Protest?

A federal judge recently preliminarily approved a class action settlement involving Black Lives Matter demonstrators who were arrested during a protest after a police shooting in Louisiana. In the class action lawsuit, the protesters claim the arrests violated their constitutional rights. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on the story, which involved protests that took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the aftermath of the Alton Sterling shooting. Reportedly, during the protests, some of the protesters…
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What Should I Do If I’m Arrested During a Protest?

NBC 5 in Dallas recently reported on an incident in North Carolina where dozens of demonstrators were arrested during a protest. Reportedly, prior to their arrest, the protesters, who consisted of health care workers, clergy, doctors and others, were taking part in a nonviolent demonstration against North Carolina lawmakers’ refusal to expand Medicaid. As part of the demonstration, the protesters marched through the hallways of the North Carolina Legislative Building. They ended their march outside…
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When Can Police Use a Taser on Me?

Earlier this year, a Balch Springs police officer shot and killed Jordan Edwards, a 15-year-old boy who was leaving a party. The story made national headlines, with the officer now facing murder charges. The Dallas Morning News recently publish a story about an incident involving another officer within that department was involved in about a year ago where he used a Taser on a man in handcuffs. The officer was reprimanded for this incident but…
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Resisting Arrest versus Evading Arrest: What’s the Difference, and Which Is More Serious?

Resisting arrest and evading arrest are two different criminal charges, although the two often come in conjunction with one another (though not always). Resisting Arrest In general, resisting arrest occurs when a defendant attempts to interfere with the police officer’s duty. Depending on the facts of each case, resisting arrest can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Usually, felony resisting arrest charges are reserved for defendants who take violent action against an arresting officer. Naturally,…
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