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What Can I Do to Prevent License Suspension After a DWI?

Suspended License

If you have recently received a DWI, one of the main things that you are probably concerned about is the status of your license. Depending on certain conditions of your DWI conviction, like whether this is your first offense, your blood alcohol level, or whether you injured another driver or pedestrian, your penalties might be more serious. Having your license suspended is one of the most common penalties for DWI in Texas, but there are…
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What Should I Do If I’m Arrested for Street Racing?

If you were anywhere near the 8400 block of Eastpoint Drive in Dallas recently, you might have wondered if you had wandered onto the set of the latest Fast & Furious movie. That is because earlier this month, five people were arrested for street racing in that area. Per CBS DFW, in addition to the five people who were arrested, a sixth person was arrested in connection to the series of street races, because of…
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What Do I Do If I Get Caught Driving on a Suspended License in Texas?

Revocation of your driver’s license is common after certain offenses, such as DWI, repeated traffic violations, driving without insurance and even failure to pay child support. The legal term for this is Administrative License Revocation, or ALR. If you are caught driving on a suspended license, you can be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. This comes with a maximum fine of $500 and no jail time. However, certain situations can result in increased penalties….
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