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What Are Texas’s Different Gun Control Policies?

Each state in America has its own set of gun control laws and restrictions, and each state resident should be aware of these laws, especially if they are gun owners or are interested in owning a gun in the future. Texas gun control laws are some of the most lenient and permissive laws in America. However, the state still has specific codes and regulations on what could happen if you’re caught unlawfully carrying a weapon….
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Sneaky Ways You Can Be Accused Of Fraud

Fraud is a very broad legal concept that can cover a variety of offenses, so it’s necessary to know what actions fit under this huge umbrella term. Fraud refers to any dishonest or fraudulent acts that are recognized under the law. The act of fraud is to intentionally deceive another party for personal or financial gain. Many Americans unknowingly fall victim to fraud each year, simply because they don’t know what the term includes. Here…
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When Are Police Allowed to Search My Car?

Generally speaking, police are not allowed to conduct a search of your property without getting a warrant. Cars can be somewhat of an exception to this rule, however. This is because cars are mobile and the process of obtaining a warrant may take longer than an officer is able to detain a suspect. Some also say that because cars are typically out on public streets, drivers and passengers have a reduced expectation of privacy. So,…
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