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Common Types of Fraud Charges in Texas

Fraud Crimes

The crime of fraud is a very general and broad category of crimes, but the penalties and consequences of committing fraud in Texas can be very serious. Many fraud charges can lead to a conviction, arrest and a lengthy and difficult trial for you and your attorney. Texas courts take fraud seriously because there are so many different ways to commit it, and so the stricter the courts and law enforcement can be, the less…
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Tips on How to Avoid a DWI Conviction on Labor Day Weekend

Traffic Violation

Labor Day is one of the many holidays out of the year where family members and friends go out and have a few drinks to celebrate. With these celebrations comes the risk of drunk driving to and from events and parties. Texas law enforcement will be out in full force during the Labor Day weekend in order to crack down on any drunk drivers, so it’s important that you and your loved ones know how…
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What Are the Penalties for Interfering With an Emergency Call?

girl texting

Inhibiting or preventing someone from making an emergency call can result in a charge or arrest for interfering with an emergency call. In the state of Texas, this criminal charge is considered a serious offense and it can lead to serious consequences such as jail time and a large fine. Many times, this crime occurs when a victim of violence or assault claims that they were prevented from calling law enforcement. How Can I Be…
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