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Has the Say Something App Led to Any Arrests?

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) recently released a free app for riders called Say Something. Named after the phrase “If you see something, say something,” the app allows riders to instantly report crimes in progress on the DART system. According to DART police, over 1,700 people have downloaded the app since its launch and several crimes have been reported. The organization would not say if any arrests have resulted from the app. Besides simply reporting…
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Can This One Change Fix Our Prison System?

Can the Reverse Mass Incarceration Act singlehandedly reduce both crime AND incarceration rates in the United States? The bill was introduced in the House in early October by Rep. Tony Cárdenas of California, following its introduction in the Senate by Senators Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal. The bill would send federal funds to states that reduce crime and incarceration together. Since the passage of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, commonly known…
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He Died in 1973. Who Is This Man Using His Name?

Thomas and Margaret Laskoski lost their infant son in 1972. He was three months old. But when Margaret’s sister started investigating the family’s history on Genealogy.com, she found something unexpected. The son, Nathan, showed up on the site. According to the site, he was alive and twice married. The parents went into their local Social Security office in Texas and discovered that someone had been using their deceased son’s name and Social Security number for…
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