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What Are the Consequences of Violating Your DWI Probation?

Federal Court

One of the consequences of a DWI conviction is to be placed on probation by a criminal court. Many people who face DWI convictions do not understand how serious a DWI probation is. Probation is a special system that a court uses to decrease certain penalties resulting from your conviction in return for a guarantee that you follow a set of rules. If you violate your DWI probation, there are further consequences you will have…
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My Child Received a DWI or DUIA, What Do I Do Next?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Jail Time

Summer is officially in full swing, which means that children are out of school on summer vacation. Teenagers take advantage of summer to spend time with their friends and have a good time, but along with this freedom comes certain dangers that your teen might come across. If you have a child who is at least 16, then you are right to be concerned about drinking and driving during the summer time. Your child could…
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How Can I Avoid a DWI During the July 4th Holiday?

Traffic Violation

The Fourth of July can be a fun time for family and friends in Texas. With holiday celebrations comes drinking. Unfortunately, excessively drinking can lead to deadly consequences. There is no denying that drunk driving is dangerous, especially on holidays. This is why Texas law enforcement will be on high alert during July 4th festivities. If you have party plans, then you should know how to avoid a DWI on July 4th. How Can I…
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