Is Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Worth it?

When it comes to the variety of lawyers out there it’s easy to find cheap new lawyers who are right out of school. They might not have business and so will charge really low rates. The problem with that is they can’t spend any time on your case. They might not know the law or what’s going on. Attorney Mike Goolsby explains how he feels so strongly he’d rather sell his car than hire a lawyer just because they’re cheap. When it comes to a seasoned lawyer, you have someone who has years of experience and years of training. Watch this video with Mike Goolsby to hear more on the subject.

Video Transcription:

Well obviously there are some lawyers out there who are just flat out cheap, they’re new lawyers, they’re right out of school, or they just don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t have business, so they’re charging these really low rates. And, the problem with that, you see, with that is they can’t spend any time on your case. They don’t know the law, they don’t know what’s going on, and in my view I’d sell my car before I go with the cheapy lawyer or court appointed lawyer because I feel that strongly about it. And, you know, when you’re talking about somebody new, versus a seasoned lawyer, do you want a guy right out of medical school performing your heart surgery or brain surgery? Or do you want somebody that’s had years of experience, years of training doing those things. I think we both know the answer to that, you want somebody that can do a job, do it right, has lots of experience. Because your life depends on it, you get one shot at your case. To speak to a lawyer call us at the Goolsby law firm. Our telephone number’s (972) 394-2141, we’ll get you in for a free consultation.

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