Do You Have Experience With Drug Possession Cases in Dallas County?

Having any type of illegal drug on you is considered drug possession. If you know drugs are there, even if they aren’t yours, in the same room as you, you can be seen as being able to possess the drug. You need to have knowledge that drugs are there, like in the case of drugs in a car. If you are pulled over, and the car gets searched, you have to prove that you had no knowledge of drugs being in the car. The Goolsby law firm knows what steps to go through to try and get a case either dismissed or the punishment lessened.

Video Transcription:

Drug possession is basically, obviously if you’ve got drugs on you it’s considered a drug possession. There are other things that you can see, for example, if you know drugs are there, I’ve seen cases where it wasn’t drugs but the drugs were in the same room. Everybody sees the drugs, so in other words it’s not owning the drugs, or having the drugs yourself, but it’s being able to possess the substance, and so those are big issues. Because, again you have to actually know that those drugs are there, you see that with cars. So many people are pulled over, and it’s a car gets searched, well they’ve got to prove that you had knowledge that those drugs were in your car. Well that’s whether it’s, you know, a hard substance, marijuana. That’s any type of drug, many people who are charged with drug cases, we get their cases dismissed. And what it is, is we have certain things to, certain steps that we want them to go through, and what that does, is the case will either be dismissed or punishment is lessened, and those are very important, because why would you want to be punished more for a case no one wants. To be what people want to do is they want to get the absolute best outcome, and so that’s why we’ve put together a list of things that we have you do after you hire us, and before court, your first court date, and maybe even, you know, through several court dates. To speak to a lawyer call us at the Goolsby law firm. Our telephone number’s (972) 394-2141, we’ll get you in for a free consultation.

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