What Kinds of Protection Orders Can Be Filed Against Me in Texas?

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Texas, like other states, has protective orders that are intended to protect people from abusive partners or any others who are causing harm or threatening to cause harm. A protective order is also known as a restraining order, and it helps to prevent anyone that is listed in the order from continuing verbal or physical contact with the party who got the order. If a protective order has been ordered against you, you should know the various types of orders that you could be facing.

What Are the Common Types of Protective Orders Available?

  • Emergency protection orders. Also known as an EPO, emergency protection orders are a 31-91 day “Stay-Away” order that gives abuse victims time to make any further decisions. It also keeps the offender away from the victim for a long enough period of time for the victim to determine what his or her next action should be.
  • Protection orders. Protection orders are different from emergency protection orders because they are more long-term and can last longer depending on how long you need it and your life circumstances. It can include different provisions, such as no contact, peaceful contact, “stay away” or “move out,” and other factors.
  • Restraining orders. A restraining order is generally used to dictate to parties on both sides of a lawsuit or court case what they can and cannot do. These orders can be written to protect you or your property if you are suing someone and you fear they will cause you harm.
  • Criminal protection orders. If a criminal case is pending, the district attorney or judge could request or order a protective order for the victim of the crime.

If you have had a protective order ordered against you in Texas and would like more information, or you have violated your protective order, contact a Texas criminal defense attorney today at the Goolsby Law Firm.

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