How Can I Avoid a DWI During the July 4th Holiday?

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The Fourth of July can be a fun time for family and friends in Texas. With holiday celebrations comes drinking. Unfortunately, excessively drinking can lead to deadly consequences. There is no denying that drunk driving is dangerous, especially on holidays. This is why Texas law enforcement will be on high alert during July 4th festivities. If you have party plans, then you should know how to avoid a DWI on July 4th.

How Can I Avoid a DWI?

  • Plan ahead. The best way to avoid a DWI on Fourth of July is to plan ahead before going out and/or drinking at a barbecue. If you believe that you might get very intoxicated, you should never drive your own vehicle. Find a sober friend to take you to your event or call an Uber or Lyft. This step alone will prevent a deadly situation, and you will not put other innocent drivers at risk on the road.
  • Measure your own BAC. Before you get back into your vehicle after drinking, you can use an online app or BAC measuring card in order to determine your alcohol content. You can even do this over the course of the afternoon or evening in order to know how intoxicated you are over time. This will help you determine when you are sober. However, if you believe that you are intoxicated in any way you should stay at your location and find alternative ways of getting back home.

If you have been charged with a DWI in Texas, you will probably have many questions regarding your legal options. Contact the Goolsby Law Firm as soon as possible to speak with a DWI attorney.

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