How Do I Acquire an Occupational Driver’s License in Texas?

Suspended License

There are a few different penalties that will result from you being pulled over for a DUI. You could receive large fines, a certain amount of jail time, or you could have your license suspended. Having your license suspended means that you are unable to drive a vehicle for a set time period, which can sometimes be anywhere from 90 days to a year. If your license has been suspended or revoked, you can still be allowed to drive under certain circumstances if you get an occupational driver’s license.

What Is an Occupational Driver’s License?

An occupational driver’s license, or ODL, is a special restricted license that lets you drive a non-commercial vehicle in order to perform specific and essential household duties. These duties include domestic chores, attending school, going to medical appointments, religious worship or other essential needs. With an ODL from Texas, you can drive for twelve hours a day or sixty hours every week.

What Is the Process of Obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License?

Not everyone will be able to petition for an ODL; your eligibility to apply for one as a Texas citizen will depend on how many times you have been charged with a DUI. If it is your first DUI charge, you will have to wait 30 days from the date. Your license was suspended before you make your petition. If you have had two or more DUI convictions in one year, you should wait at least for another year before your petition. Then, you must get a court order that authorizes the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue the license to you. This process can take weeks to complete, and it can get complicated if the court has questions.

If you are interested in applying for an ODL in Texas, you should hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. Our attorneys at the Goolsby Law Firm can help simplify the process between you and the courts to get the ODL you need. Contact us today.

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