How Has Social Media Affected Sexual Assault Claims?

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Many of us use social media on a daily basis, and many of us can even admit that we’re addicted. Our smartphones are constantly buzzing with news alerts, text messages, and reminders of what’s happening in the world. Recently, many social justice movements have actually used social media sites, such as Twitter, to gain a broader following and to spread awareness. News of sexual assault has been circulating from female politicians, celebrities, and other influencers, and the main outlet they have been using is social media.

Why Use Social Media?

There is an interesting contrast developing recently in our society between the concepts of social media communication and sexual assault. Social media is a widely used source of entertainment that almost anyone can relate to, whereas sexual assault is something many people still don’t know a lot about. Our modern society is still very uneducated on what sexual assault is, and so many perpetrators are unaware that their behavior can be considered inappropriate or illegal. When you are a victim or perpetrator of this crime, social media gives you a voice to express your story and your side of what happened. With this freedom, unfortunately, comes the possibility of false reports and people taking advantage of what they can say behind a screen. With as many sexual assault claims that have started through social media, there also is a fight back from many that claim they have been falsely accused. Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and everyone deserves to have an opportunity for justice. Social media has been a great platform for this debate on sexual assault because it’s accessible to anyone, and your stance can be disseminated quickly.

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