First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Texas

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February 8 was a historic day for Texas. Compassionate Cultivation opened its doors to the public as the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Located right outside of Austin, the dispensary is the result of a long journey of passing bills and gaining the right licenses. Texas has been known to have a tight rein on medical marijuana laws, but this new dispensary has proven that the state is open to helping those in need of the plant’s health benefits.

How Did it Happen?

Compassionate Cultivation received their medical marijuana license from the state under the Texas Compassionate Use Act. Under this law, only people with intractable epilepsy (epileptics who have not found any medicine to effectively handle their disorders) can get a prescription and purchase the product. The product, which is the only medicine provided at this dispensary, is a low-level THC cannabis oil that doesn’t cause any “high” effects. Patients must also be Texas residents, and they must visit one of the 17 state-approved physicians and get approved by a second doctor. Compassionate Cultivation can deliver prescriptions anywhere in Texas multiple times a week for a low price.

What Makes This Dispensary Different?

Compassionate Cultivation aims to take down those stereotypes of medical marijuana dispensaries that many people still have. It operates like a doctor’s office or pharmacy, and it doesn’t display any of its products or advertise anything like a typical smoke shop would. It’s extremely regulated, which gives patients the confidence that they’re receiving legitimate medicine that’s ensured by their prescribers. This is just the beginning of medical marijuana dispensing in Texas, and many prospective patients are hopeful that there will be more dispensaries opening soon.

Many states like Texas have been strict on allowing these dispensaries to open because they fear people taking advantage of drug consumption and getting charged with drug-related crimes. Compassionate Cultivation, hopefully, will dispel this fear and keep medical requirements separate from illegal drug activities. However, if you have been charged with drug possession in Texas, the Goolsby Law Firm can defend you in court. Contact us to learn more about Texas drug laws, or to talk with an experienced attorney about any allegations against you.

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