What is the Crime of Resisting Arrest in Texas?

When you are being detained there are many ways in which you can be charged for resisting arrest. You can also be charged with resisting a police officer so it’s important to find an attorney who can take care in reviewing your case. Attorney Mike Goolsby explains in this video what can happen if you are charged with resisting arrest and what he can do to help you in that situation.

Video Transcription:

Resisting arrest is basically where you’re being detained, police officers say are trying to arrest you, and you’re resisting that arrest. And it can actually be something as simple as straightening out your arm and keeping your arm lock as they’re trying to, it doesn’t necessarily mean struggling or fighting or anything like that. It can be something, like I said, just as simple as straightening an arm or twisting, keeping yourself from being put in a police car. Those can all be considered resisting arrest, and the big issue with that is that at certain times you can even, on a resisting arrest, be charged with assaulting a public servant or assaulting a police officer. And so that’s where you have to be careful with these cases, you got to make sure that you’re not indicted. Because once you’re indicted you’re in a felony court, so you, the resisting arrest will be a misdemeanor if it goes further and you’re assaulting a public servant because maybe you swung around and you hit them. That’s the problem that you’re gonna have. To speak to a lawyer call us at the Goolsby law firm. Our telephone number’s (972) 394-2141, we’ll get you in for a free consultation.

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