Are Homeowners Declining to Report Crimes in Texas?

Car Theft

Car TheftAccording to a study recently published by Security Baron, Texas homeowners sometimes do not report property crimes that occur on their property, such as vandalism or burglary. As many as 11 percent of Texas homeowners would consider not reporting a minor crime on their property to police. Taken as a national average, roughly 19 percent of people would consider not reporting property crimes. Why is it that some homeowners are reluctant to report property crimes?

One potential reason for this is that it could affect a property’s value if there were a written record of property crimes. The same study suggested that around two-thirds of Americans look into neighborhood crime statistics when search for a new home to rent or buy. 72 percent of those surveyed would not rent or buy a property in which violent crimes took place. Additionally, 77 percent of Americans would be put off buying a property that had security bars on windows. As such, reports of property crimes could deter future buyers.

What Do I Do If I Am Caught Committing a Property Crime in Texas?

That said, many Texan homeowners do report property crimes, and if you are caught and convicted, you could face serious penalties including fines and jail time. Our Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense law firm has a long history of success in defending clients accused of property crimes. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mike Goolsby has experience on both sides of criminal cases and can leverage that experience to help get your charges reduced or dismissed. Our firm serves clients in Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, McKinney, Dallas and Plano.

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