What Happens If I’m Caught Stealing a Bait Car in Texas?

CaughtRecently, a bait car in Texas failed to shut off after it was allegedly stolen. Per CBS 11, the bait car, a Chevrolet pickup truck, was allegedly taken around 2 am from a parking spot on Walton Street in Deep Ellum. However, the bait car reportedly did not shut off as it is supposed to do after being stolen. This led to a police chase that ended with the suspected car thief crashing through a gate at Fair Park and ramming a police car.

After the suspect allegedly rammed the police car, officers shot him. As of this writing, the suspect was in the hospital in critical condition. Authorities had not yet determined why the bait car failed to shut down. Auto theft detectives told CBS 11 that the car could have malfunctioned, the Fusion Center failed to shut down the car in time or the officers did not request that the car be shut down.

Is a Bait Car Entrapment?

Entrapment involves a person being lured into committing a crime by a state or federal agent who is attempting to prosecute the person for the crime. In the case of bait cars, entrapment cannot be used as a defense, because entrapment usually involves the state or federal agent convincing the person to commit the crime using tactics such as fraud, flattery, harassment or threats.

How do you feel about law enforcement using bait cars? Do you think it is a fair tactic or that it goes too far?


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