What Do I Do If I Am Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault?

What to Do If You Are Falsly Accused of Sexual AssaultResearch has found that somewhere between two and 10 percent of sexual assault claims are false. That might not seem like a lot – but if you become the one facing these allegations, you know that the statistics do not matter. False sexual assault allegations can cause serious harm to innocent people.

Often, despite the law’s emphasis on innocent until proven guilty, the falsely accused assailant faces the ire of the court of public opinion.

Fighting False Charges of Sexual Assault

It is easy to assume that a person charged with sexual assault is guilty, but that is also a dangerous assumption to make without knowing all facts of the case. Here’s a primer on false accusations of sexual assault and what to do if you face accusations:

  1. Realize the gravity of the situation. Just because you know the accusations are false does not mean you can just sweep it under the rug and ignore it. You need to take them as seriously as you would if they were actually true.
  2. Document everything. Every detail, no matter how minor, that you remember might be important in proving your innocence. This is especially true for digital communications you might have with the accuser. Don’t delete ANYTHING – the opposition will use deletion as an argument that you have something to hide, and that won’t look good to a jury.
  3. Put together a list of possible witnesses who could corroborate your innocence, such as a family member you were with on the date of the assault who could support your alibi.
  4. Know your rights! You are under no obligation to communicate with police. Seek legal counsel and follow your attorney’s advice.

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