Irving Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the Irving and Dallas area The Goolsby Law Firm is ready to defend you if you’re been accused of a criminal offense. Mike Goolsby has knowledge of all areas of criminal law, regardless of the nature of the crime you are accused of, he can help. With two decades of experience, he has the knowledge and expertise to help you to protect your life and liberty when accused of a criminal matter.

As a former trial attorney with the District attorney’s office, Mike Goolsby has more experience of criminal defense than any other practicing defense attorney in this area. This is the sort of experience you need by your side in any allegations of this nature. When questioned by the police you are entitled to have your attorney present, attorney Mike Goolsby has knowledge of how the questioning process works and this level of representation can often influence the seriousness of the charge you end up facing, and sometimes avoid charges being filed in the first place.

Regardless of whether you are facing a felony, or misdemeanor crime, you should always offer a strong defense. We firmly believe that the state should be made to prove any allegations against you to the fullest extent, as well as the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty.

With experience in all areas of criminal law Mike Goolsby has the expertise and resources to fight your case no matter what type of crime you’re been accused of. All cases are handled personally by him, he will offer a tailored and caring service to help you get the outcome you desire in these difficult times.

Different crimes require different procedures to be followed, depending on what you are accused of, specific evidence gathering techniques, expert witness, or forensic evidence, will need to be offered or investigated. In the crime of theft, pre-trial planning is particularly important. As the seriousness of the charge against you will often depend on the value of the property that has been assessed, then it is important that this is investigated and challenged to reduce it. Additionally if you have been accused of using a weapon, then this can also be challenged. All of these matters will help reduce the severity of the charges you of facing.

In the case of weapons charges, drugs charges, or assault, these can all lead to particularly lengthy periods in jail, along with probation, and fines. A conviction will mean you will most likely lose your job, and will face a difficult time gaining employment after your sentences served. Life with a criminal record is not something you wish to experience, as many aspects of your life will be affected and your record will be available for any employers, business partners, or other individuals, for example landlords etc.

You can be assured of personalized and caring representation from The Goolsby Law Firm, Mike Goolsby will keep you informed at all stages of the process, and make you aware of any legal options open to you, as well as  the progress of your case. A criminal accusation can lead to uncertainty, and stress, and we understand in this situation you will be wondering about your future, and worrying about the prospect of going to jail, you can be assured your case will never be passed on to an assistant, or another attorney, and you will be kept advised at all times and this could help reduce the stress levels and other uncertainties you may be feeling, as there is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on.

Call for a free consultation, where you can discuss aspects of the accusation against you, and ask any questions you may have. Call to speak to us in the strictest confidence, and discretion is always assured.